Friday, July 22, 2011


That nice feeling of practicing for an hour, grinding with the drum, getting your muscles loosen and relaxed after the work out.

Yeah I did another round of self-training again today. I felt good, it feels like I'm improving XD> Overconfident much yeah? 1 day then talk about improving, hahahaha.

But yeah, building up my leg muscles day by day... Rudiments? Maintaining on a drum pad... I need a new drum set. I was thinking of Pearl's Rhythm Traveler. Cheapest n the list, and it's portable, sweet. Read the reviews, and apparently it was pretty good. Wonder if Mr. Tan got sell. :x

My old primary school classmates having a re-union on the 30th. Looking forward to it, really wanna catch up with those guys.

Nothing much to write these days. I wonder... Where hath my chatty went? O_o

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