Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lick Hung 6D/2005 Gathering @ Sunway Pyramid 30/7/2011

2 years without much activity or update from the group. Yet early this month, out of the blues someone suggested someone should organize a reunion. And so the call for such person brought about Jun Wei to handle the task voluntarily. Soon it was decided that we'd meet at Sunway on this faithful Saturday.

Ah, recalling that sweet meeting back 2 years ago, 6 years without contact, yet to meet again, nostalgia. Today, a small group of 7 (much like the one 2 years past) but mostly of whom I haven't met for 8 years since. There was the organiser herself, Jun Wei, Nicholas, Yong Hao, Kai Xian and Yi Wen. The names still ring in my head XD.

Waiting in front of Starbucks at the old wing at 12:30pm, I met up with Carl Lyn 1st, met her back 2 years ago, chatted a bit about studies and stuff, and then came the rest not long after. Sweet reunion~ Small group, yet it was fun to try and recall each other, how we looked like, how different we are, what are we doing and stuff like that.

We went to RedBox for karaoke as planned. English songs for the win! Sang a hearty number of songs that I actually knew! Rolling in the Deep~ Sang for 3 hours. @.@ And boy I vocal chords are strained.

After that, we went for some ice creams, and walked around randomly. Chatted on the way, talked about old time experiences, remembering the old time silliness of ourselves, good old immaturity. But me and the guys? We were talking about those good ol' table games we played during free period back in class.

Found a place to sit thanks to Carl Lyn, who dashed for the empty bench like a sprinter. People cheered for her when she reached it, haha. It was a funny moment indeed. And you know what cam after? DSLR-spam!

But yeah the day passed pretty quickly. We spent our remaining time at the main entrance, slowly seeing one by one go off. I was a kid, a young boy in blue pants ad white shirt. Looking at us now, we're mostly in college pursuing one dream or another. 3 engineers in the making, another doing arts and design. Yeah, times flies.

Looking forward to the next meet, expected to be this year end, and of course, the photos from just now. :x

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