Friday, January 8, 2010

Writing the last chapter of our history.

Ever thought of those tragic stories of a once great kingdom where the Kings are just, the knights ever so valor, maidens ever so fair, everyone was happy UNTIL, slowly one by one each generation of the people became over-ridden by greed and selfishness, even Kings and Ministers turned on to one another. And slowly, wars started and corruption crawled slowly all over the land, and everyone has sided for their personal cause. Then the final living monarch tries his best of efforts to bring back order to the situation, but fails. Eventual, the kingdom falls to its ruins by the burden of its own people. Maybe you have heard it in many fantasy books or fantasy games. I've read a number of books with the same theme, where the kingdom's last pages of history always fail to be found, leaving the main characters puzzled over the reason of its downfall.

Why my sudden interest? Because I have a premonition that this is going to happen to me in real life. We've been through a lot, and I've been thinking, even myself is a filthy peasant that wants his own needs, not caring about others. Alas! It is always so cruel, this life. I am prepared to leave as a written story, soon to become history as the last pages of the book. This is it, the end, of no brighter beginnings nor less darker endings. But I shall remember this kingdom as the start of my dreams, and even after it falls, my dream will grow ever stronger! And so I move on with dignity and pride.

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