Monday, January 25, 2010

We are called young for a reason.

Sorry to spoil any confidence in the readers, but this is regarding typical subjects, mostly problems faced by us teenagers. What then again am I trying to point out many flaws of the world?

Love - Love! I fail in it? I dare say NO! I am learning to love, and love all, hate none. Then skip to the point of the relationships of courtship. I'm no splashing cold water at you, but about 90% of the male-female relationships that started during early to late teen hood usually ends by college or university. Call me jealous you may, but that's a reason why eventually I gave up my part I may say, because I know it won't last, we are too young to know where our commitment lies.

But in this case, I also truly hope that those who pursue such an experience, I rejoice and laugh along with you, it is truly a moment in life. But cry in rejection I will prepare with you, and so must you. But alas, I yearn not for the future, rather, I want for the moment to slow.

Loving another soul beyond my blood? I must say, not yet!


  1. "cant get to eat the grapes then say the grapes sour" !!!'re right actually..but there are minority of people can last till the might be the one...=)
    cheers !!!

  2. Call me bitter, yes, but my time will come soon XD.