Sunday, January 3, 2010

Life on a Chariot.

Many things can be said about life. It can be described as a journey, a realization of reality, a great adventure, a great misfortune. Actually life isn't those things, those things are actually part of life. Life is everything possible on Earth. But nevertheless, there are many aspects.

Journey on chariot, try and you'll find it a very bumpy ride. Life IS like that. But for one, I can say this, I find mine pretty smooth. But I do not rest easy, because it could all be shattered like a thin plane of glass.

Why my great distress? My last year in School is this year, starting with tomorrow. This year, it's no more fun and play, it's my fate decider. I can't help but to imagine the possibility of failing. Help me, my will! I got full of hopes that are locked, and the only key would be the outcome of 2010.

Happy schooling days! (If only school was ever happy).

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