Monday, January 11, 2010

I'm just here to make music.

What is this? What is your reason to be here? This is the question that seems simple to answer, the 1st day I went into this society built on a rock, the band.

I answered flawlessly my intentions, my wishes, my ever lasting dream, to be an aspiring musician, to learn this magnificent creation that is able to rouse the fiercest storms and calm the wildest of beast. I wanted to learn music! I said to myself, that has always been my intention. I want to make friends, that was my secondary objective. Such beauty in this plan, to make music with my friends and be a humble agent of this beautiful art form, I couldn't have ask for more.

So now I challenge you readers, band members especially. I know that we are in one of the biggest torrents the band ever met so far, so now I ask you to remain strong! I challenge you to question yourself, why you joined the band in the first place. If you just wanted to enjoy the learning of this awe-inspiring art called music , then all else is not important. If you have other intentions, then the band isn't meant for you.

Let the energy of melodic sound waves overwhelm you, all else is not important.

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