Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thank-you for the music

Oh there I stood, thanking something for the workings of divine,
Frustration, frown, mysteriously reaching to the grand climax of the stave.
I stand here, humbled by this working of which a King will bow,
Yet not knowing the host of this magnificent dove shall clench in its hands so tightly.
Struggling, slowly, silently, Reaching out!
Yet it fails.
All tragedy, all lost? Not!
For not one will lose faith, as like the soul cannot be destroyed.
In pain, in limbo, the bird searches and finds not a place to go,
Travelling, seeking truth and answers.
Light, LIGHT!
There was ever purifying light! Seek guidance from it, saith a voice in the avian.
Floating, dancing, glorious light, Grand, powerful, magnificent light!
Guide this lives that seek you! For one is to thrust, one is to guide,
Needed are you, so you must fulfill! Seek it, savour it!
And all shall be answered, all shall be cleared, all shall be revealed, all shall know.
All shall be at peace, all shall be at peace with music.

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