Friday, January 1, 2010

Hello 2010.

Say hello 2010. I know you are just like every other year, most of the years will remain the same, it is us humans who make it seem different every year. As for my year this year, SPM is the drive and theme of 2010 for me.

And so, my New Year resolution:
1) Finish above 80% of the homework given.
2) Study until my target is achieved.
3) Focus on music theory, no more fooling around.
4) Say as minimal foul words and vulgarities as possible.
5) Be nice, be kind, be humble to everyone.
6) Honour my parents.
7) Learn more about the Gospel.
8) Be a good showman for this year's marching band programme.
9) Stick to proper planning and scheduling, no more last minute works.
10) Pass Add. Maths with an A!!!

Happy New Year everybody!


  1. 80%? i thought homework should finish 100%? haha
    anyway,good target,i think i just manage to finish 50% of it...=P
    happy new year!

  2. Call me lucky if I actually completed 60%.