Thursday, January 14, 2010

Complex stupidity.

I have a dream of being a philosopher if I can't be a musician. Why, I love interpreting anything that exist and make you think twice about the possibilities of the same object. Stupid? It's more complicated than you think.

Life, life, is a journey to the very end of a new beginning. Whether or not you life is worth the living, why not put it this way? If you prefer not to live your life this way, than what means of existence you you much prefer? It's hard to think another type of dimension of the definition of existence of which we understand now this very moment, could have been something very different if the Almighty intend it to be that way?

The question now instead lies upon the fact that this world is so corrupt that why are we still questioning about the misery? Of course it's miserable! No one wants to live in this world full of hatred and torment. But think of it again from a different angle. If not this, then what? It's hard to comprehend.

Why am I writing so much? Because I haven't finish my Chinese homework...

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