Monday, December 7, 2009

Tenor Drum Business.

After all that travelling, I finally settle down in Sitiawan. Apart from preparing for the year-end concert, I'll be busy training the tenor drummers, while I myself is still a novice... Members leave real fast, I too wish I had a senior to guide me. But time passes, I'm becoming another generation's senior...

To start with, today's sectional was a rough idea of what's to come. I'll say this, they are progressing fast, yes, but not fast enough given the deadline on our target. But I must say I am very impress, I myself wouldn't be able to do what they are doing now if I were their age.

But mistakes are still mistakes. Need more work on stick gripping, pinkie fingers still sticking out a bit. Rhythm sense need some fine-tuning. Drum basics, like I always say, if you're not gifted, you ought to work-out yourself. Posture, minor problem, but still needs improvement. Always remember to mark time. Accents and taps should be more distinguished. Strokes, like drum basics, need to be practices constantly on the long term. Stamina, I'll start that by the end of Christmas, push-ups, running and breath control (yes, even percussionists need some breath control), I won't be sexist, girls need to do it too. Tempo, once the metronome is working, I'll try to use it. I hope you're reading this Ben and Jess (Edwil don't have bloggy, can't expect him to read...)

So, try and absorb as much when I teach. Happy trainings.

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