Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Bygone Days.

In 3 more days, it will be the end of 2009, so far, 16 years of my life living a happy and satisfied guy so far. What am going to do about this? Wait and see. I got a long new year resolution.

Band band band... A big part of my life ever since 2006. And now, I'm heading towards the edge of the cliff. Only a year left, can we make it? Can we earn back what we lost so much this year?

What did I do the whole of this year? If I were to move on to next year, I should analyse this...
Let's see,
1) I learned so much more about life, making it my 16 year milestone.
2) I learned a lot in school, and am preparing to learn more next year.
3) I made music like no one's business this year.
4) I learned a lot of drumming basics I failed to catch when I first started.
5) I learned how it was like to be in love, and to have a heart ache.
6) I found out more about myself, my flaws, and my many problems, and am still coping to improve it.
7) I learn a lot about my Religion.
8) I made a lot of new friends.
9) I found many beautiful music.
10) I fortified my previous friendship with friends of old in KL.

Now hopefully, I'll get to write more next year.

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