Sunday, December 20, 2009

Passing Out 2009.

Yesterday, the Nan Hwa Band held its 30th annual Passing Out ceremony. What can I say?

Well, for starters, I learned something very important. It's not just the music that we are performing that counts, nor whether we are enjoying what we are performing, but rather, it's about making other people enjoy, and enjoy even the least possible reasons to be happy. And what I can conclude is this, even though this year's passing out is by proportion not as impressive as last year, to me, it is equally, if not more, meaningful.

Another generation of band members are going soon, last night's performance being their last for most of them, I can say that I will definitely miss them a lot, being only a year younger then them, It can be said that despite not really knowing some of them, seeing their faces for the past 4 years nearly everyday is enough to affirm this unique relationship called band mates.

Song wise, my personal favorite is the Sound of Music and Santa's Christmas Symphony. I grew up with The Sound of Music, so it always bring nostalgia whenever I hear the songs, I can rest tonight a happy man because I had the honour of playing a solo, albeit with some hiccups, but not all too obvious. As for the other song, I always love Christmas songs and carol, they always bring the spirit of Christmas to all who hear it, wonderful as such that tis' the season to be jolly!

And for every Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year follows, let this be a true statement, for a year ahead, it will be my generation's turn to take the leap of fate. A Jolly Christmas to everyone!

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