Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Don't think that since the title is Chinese, the contents will be Chinese... Actually I can do it, but I'm just lazy and short of time.

Ok, China trip 2009... Fun? I don't know, it isn't a bad trip, but still, lacks that "oomph". Why? We went to many non-tourist spots. No souvenirs my friends, sorry.

Actually, this China trip is more or less meant for my grandfather, his wish to meet his relatives back in China. So basically, we went to the Fujian province, the southern part of China. 1st day was spent in Xiamen. Being the capital of Fujian, it's pretty much like most modern cities in the world, comparable to that ok KL, but 10 times larger. People there speak Hokkien, also called Minan. Next day, we went to Longyan, also in Fujian. Here, we went to a few spots to do some sight seeing. Can't recall much actually. By the next day, we went to what they call the "Mud Building", a large round building, where the Hakkas used to live. Since my grandfather is of Hakka origin, no questions about why we come here. But till then, we have yet to make contact wit the relatives.

Night come, we went to Meizou, now in Guangdong province. The Hakkas fled from the northern parts of China, finally to settle eventually in the borders of Guangdong and Fujian, thus now we are here. Meizou can be described as the Sitiawan of China, in terms of development. So not much tourist spots. What can we do? This is where we met our relatives. Should I elaborate? I think not, family matters are private matters. All I can say is we went up to the tip of the mountain just to meet them... Worth it? I think so, finally manage to let my Grandfather live his wish.

Food? Chinese food of course, definitely not a problem... Except for breakfast... Why? Every morning also porridge... I need bread... I need something sweet in the morning... NOT SALTED EGG!!!... Ok, I'm overreacting. As for lunch and dinner, different areas has different styles of cooking. Being in Meizou for most of the trip, it was mostly Hakka food. Hakka food focuses heavily on the taste, meaning that it is very salty... And since they live on higher grounds of China, they need fat fat food. So fat pig dishes are a norm. Apart from that, we also tasted Hokkien food, which is more balanced. The most blend tasting food was Tiow Chew style cooking, more of my type :D.

So all in all? It was still worth it. Just one thing though, through out the trip, the air of Communism was very tick... I felt like I was being watched by a CCTV every minute...


  1. 中国大陆or大路???
    now you are back. your tenor girl and boys in trouble.picking up too slow.even basses are ahead of them.so do something ok?

  2. Swt... I dunno which... Wait, once I get back, I'll start pushing...

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  4. cheh~ i tot u wrote this post in chinese so i clicked into the link... made me dissapointed~ aiyoyo~ but i got finished reading ur ost oso la ^^