Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lick Hung 6D/2005 Gathering 2-12-2009.

So it all begin in early November, where a sudden impulsion in me wanted find my ex-classmates in Subang Jaya. Bang, thanks to facebook, I found them!!! 6 years since, we haven't contacted each other.

And so, as fate would have it, I was able to make it to the mini gathering (only 8 of the 50 made it). But it was nevertheless, a priceless re-union. My old primary school didn't adapted the streaming system, meaning that if I had stayed from standard 1 to 6, I would be with the same classmates for 6 year regardless of my results. Too bad for me, I was a below-average in a class full of above-average.

So where was the gathering? Sunway Lagoon of course XD. Had fun? Sure! Had a headache? of course... The rides were pretty exciting, the 360 degree a wee bit too much for me, gave me a headache. The water games? Never gets old.

But all this were not important as long as you got friends, yeah. So what can I say? After 6 years without much contact, how was the meeting? Satisfying, that's the word. Just 7 of them and I already had some difficulty remembering them, they changed a lot, especially the girls, don't look one bit like they used to in primary times. But the boys, I can remember better. Alas, if only the other 42 were there. I believe many of them had left without contact after standard 6 too, also as eager as me to meet up soon, I'll be looking forward to that.

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