Saturday, December 12, 2009

Not the final year I imagined of...

It all began with a major controversy toward the end of the schooling semester. It dampened the hopes of our instructor. HE began to see the many flaws of this organization, its corruption, its many lies. Just like a venom, THAT controversy spread like wild fire, its effect toward the whole group more and more apparent.

Now, my initial beliefs are almost gone, my perception of this organization is blurring, and my trust is fading.

Why it has to be so? I always dream my graduation year as a happy event, the year where as much memories are made as possible. Now it seems a major possibility is being removed. Why my last year in the group should be spent in absence of drills, marches and metronomes? Oh so sad is me if this should happen.

Much that I enjoy the concert trainings, even they are under the influence of that foul venom! So much so the culprit is one that I respect, all I hope he regrets and learn... But for so much I know him, I believe he isn't.

Well, but a year like this, all I can say is, HOPE! It's when you believe where the miracle happens, so much so, my hope shall not die!


  1. you will when you...BELIEVE...=P

  2. cheer up man, sometimes the worst things can change u know... just like everything else, a venom could be stoped using its vaccine.

  3. Yeah, just hope so. Thanks man.