Thursday, November 5, 2009

Timpano! Tympani! IT's TIMPANI!

Yeah man. Freedom, no studies, computer, card games and fun all day. And to top it up, concert band season is in the air again.

And at long last, I finally get to say hello to Ms. Timpani again today. Ahhh... Nearly a year since I touched the Timpani mallets. What grand feeling.

And how could I forget, the keyboards? I'm coming Chimes!

Not to mention all the kalachang Auxiliary percussion XD. We got the cymbals, suspended cymbals, triangles, maracas, tambourine, shakers, cabasas, claves, castanets, finger cymbals, bongos, congas, gongs, tom toms, etc etc...

I love concert season :D

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