Thursday, November 12, 2009

If tis' the fate that will befall upon us.

Alas... ALAS!!! I can't say enough of it... So far, there is no word in my vocabulary to describe how I feel now. I feel, sad, disappointed, hopeless, and yet, there still last a small glimmer of joy and hope. It's complicated, twas' what happened.

It was depressing... Felt so helpless... How can brothers turn to enemies this way? Years of friendship torn by a single rotten apple... I feel... I just want to make music!!! Why everything has politics involved nowadays?

Peaceful events of, the nature of melodies, the artistic colours of music, where a group of people formed together unite and play... One wonders whether such beauty still exist now...

Alas... For now, all I can say... Is disappointment...

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