Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rest is for the greater journey.

Just left with 2 days before the start of the year-end holidays. This is probably the 2nd last time I get to enjoy the holidays, my time as a lower student is over, higher education is calling me.

They say, rest is for the greater distance. I know far too well that 2010 is going to knock me off my feet before I can say happy new year.

Jia Xun found a job for the holiday, good for him, hoping to see your new phone! I'll be pretty busy with travelling. I don't mean to brag, but me and my family is going to China for a tour, and in a mean time, visit our distant relatives, and visit our origin.

In addition, after the trip, I'll probably go to my primary school class gathering. Recently manage to reconnect with my friends back in Subang. Lucky for me, they do remember me, much to my delight. Looking forward to meeting them.

And so, to the form 5, good luck with SPM. For the form 3s, the scary world of upper form awaits you, muahahaha. The rest? All I can say? Time will become faster as you grow older.


  1. hey hav fun during your trip :D
    get some sourveniers too XD

  2. Thanks, will definitely get lots of souvenir. Enjoy your holidays too.