Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And so it goes.

AHHHHH~ FREAK OUT!!! Yeah man, finally, a gruelling 15 days finally pass and gone. YEAH!

So many things to do now, just to start with now, this Thursday's presentation and so on... Band and travelling are the few main things to occupy my coming holiday.

And this will officially be the end of form 4 for me... Form 5 is just around the corner. But before I get apocalyptic, let us rejoice for now and forget our worries. As for the 2009 SPM candidates, Good Luck!

End credits for my study year 2009:
To the teachers:
1) Malay: Strict teacher of nightmares. I give you my thanks because nevertheless, you pushed us all in the Malay subject with much determination, I salute you.
2) Chinese: For Pn. Yu, although I only listen to a handful of your lessons, I still appreciate your efforts. For the new teacher (whose name I forget), I just say thank-you good enough -_-
3) English: Psychological master of torment. I say no thank-you because being the reverse psychologist, you will interpret it as 'thank-you'
4) Sejarah: I only paid attention for the first week. But I can tell that you are a great teacher to the willing student. My gratitude to you.
5) Maths: Mr Chow, we all will miss you, the best teacher a student can ask for. As for the rest, just a plain thank-you. But Pn. Lisa, I must say, for a fledgling new teacher, you have the aura of well experience teacher, good luck in your career!
6) Add. Maths: Mr. Ngoh, all I can say is... err, Thanks... As for Ms. Lim, well, good luck in your career...
7) Physics: Mr. Siah, I respect your long years of experience as a teacher, and so I say thank you for the many good sleeps in class.
8) Chemistry: Ms. Chek, still new into your career, I say too a big thank-you, I'll try my best in Chemistry in the future.
9) Biology: Mr. Pang, also thank-you.

As for the rest, also I must say thank you, just that I'm lazy to list out all.
2010 SPM here we COME!!!

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