Friday, November 13, 2009

For where lies trials.

We were shocked by that news... Of the possibilities... Why? It was that time of the year again, where we gather and celebrate, cheer and shout the joys of the year. It was the time for bonding, where music is everything. We humble agents of this magnificent power came together and with our pure souls express this very nature of emotions.

GONE! Why?! I ask... I refuse to believe it. It has always been what I looked forward to every year since 2007... It was such a thing to look forward to, the time where I can smile, laugh, cry and get carried away to the clouds of joy. Such a wonder, it is...

Such is that I want so much of it, I fear of my own selfishness. I will not stand any of this! I want what of?

Pure Joy of course! I want this magnificent art form to be able to pass through generations. I want the young ones to feel as I do feel it, to understand the joy of what music can bring, and the greater joy of being able to make music...

But all I can do, all we can do, is to just wait, for even the most divine of arts is stained by the realities of the world. Alas!

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