Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Conflicted... I hate that feeling, always leaves me in an indecisive mode.

What do I want? Why would I want it? A relationship? And I said no. I do not want it, there's no reason for me to want... But I need it? Arrghh!! Conflict? What do I want? Am I that desperate?

3 months... 3 months since that... Blissful Ignorance, alas! It can't last. I still have that feeling. It never did change... Ignorance can only last that long... Blissful I am not... Yet, I tell myself, rejoice, to be able to have feelings for someone. Feelings so strong? But unsatisfied. But what can i do? My feelings didn't manage to find its place.


Conflicted I am also, such responsibilities... Alas! Part of me wants to embrace it, part of me loathes it... But i shouldn't jump into conclusions. It is not my decision. Yet, even if I accept, I do not know what to do...

Help me somebody!!!

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