Thursday, September 24, 2009

Amazing Grace.

Going to write on a more religious context in this update... Feeling the need to analyse this by writing down... No flaming please, and if you think you'll be offended by this, please don't read...

And so, I joind the YAF for their apparent 2nd meeting in KL, YAF as in Young Adults Fellowship. In that particular meeting, we saw a video talking about Grace.

What is Grace? defined as "unmerited favor from God" from wikipedia. And so is apparent, a few simple things to define this is that it is the Grace of God that has, is and will save us from eternal damnation.

As a Christian myself, with much regret, this was a blur page in my book until that day, which made a lot things more clearer to me. It is the Grace of the Lord that save a wretch like me? I thought at 1st. I initially had a very wrong impression by what it takes to be accepted...

"It is not a merit and demerit system in Christianity, it isn't about God accepting as a good person, God has already accepted you, it is only that a lot of people do not accept him, it is by Grace that you were redeem, and there is no other way apart from Grace that will redeem yourself."

Alas, it is out of love for us, that the Lord allowed his only son to perish on the Cross. Amazing Grace it is. Such beautiful Grace!


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