Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tour de Sitiawan.

It’s been 4 years since I took out my bike for a ride around town, a hobby which I had when I was still in primary. Haven’t really had the chance get a good ride around Sitiawan and its backtreets before, I was over-joyed when Fiona invited me for a bicycle ride along with a few other friends after the morning practices…

“Bicycle trip~ time~ 5:32pm meet at~ smk nh” she smsed me later in the afternoon… 5:32pm? What strange timing is that? Oh well… 5:32pm, I reached the gates of Nan Hwa… Where is everybody?? Put Aero plane trick?? Oh well… Might as well wait… Whose that? Jia Xun’s the next one to arrive… But he say he’s not joining.

5:40pm then she arrive, followed by Huei Su and Hui Bao -_-… What is Huei Su riding? It’s a bike, no! it’s a motorbike, no! It’s a motorbicycle hybrid… Swt... and so, 6pm like that only we leaved, quite a crowd, Jia Xun followed eventually, sitting behind Han Siang, who is also coming, by motorbike, and also Keng Siang…

Destination? I don’t know, I’m at the mercy of the Organizing Chairman, Fiona Ling… So I heard, destination: Siew Wei’s house, and ask her to join in... Ok, I’ve been there once, but not inside, during Chinese New Year, but she wasn’t around… When we reached, she also wasn’t around…

Might as well continue the journey… And so, we went sight seeing, going to as far as… Sorry, I also don’t know how far, only know that is very far… But guess what? Someone joined in halfway: Ling Siew Wei, on a bike, now that’s hard to get, hehe… But she was complaining a bit about how silly this trip is… Who cares? I’m happy XD.

In the process, I get to witness a few hidden things around town, a small lake, many big and nice fields, some new houses, and we even saw Mr. Siah, our physics teacher, taking his wife around scouting for new houses, or so I think.

So? Will I do it again? Definitely.

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