Wednesday, September 2, 2009

That white shirt and red tie 4

Back to present day, while Tiffany was on her way home...

"Mum, what's for lunch?"

"Do you always have to ask that question?"

"Well, I'm so used to it."

"Well, today was a little hectic, so I just manage to cook up a simple fried omelets and some spinach."

"Aw mum, just when I was going through a mood turbulence"

"What? What do you mean by turbulence?"

"How about we talk it over lunch."

"Well dear, if you must."

Thus, that was the conversation between Tiffany and her mother on their way home. Tiffany stayed in a semi-d house, quite a lovely spot actually. The morning sun rose just to shine on the front door every morning, and the afternoon's blaze was shielded by the tall roofs of the house. Come night fall, the warmth of the retained heat was enough to have the house cozy and comfortable. And home sweet home it was for her. And she was enjoying the nice view of her garden in the study room when...

"Hey sis, back home already? what's that in your hand?"

It was Tiffany's elder brother, George, who is studying for form 6 this year. He is 2 years her senior and a very creative irritant towards his sister no doubt. But often times, Tiffany always finds him for good piece of advice.

"Is that the way to greet the birthday-girl, Georgy?"

"Haha, never fail to forget, huh? Happy Birthday sis. But that doesn't answer my question. What's that package?"

"Why, it's a present from my friends, Jo and Lily" she replied.

While she looked away, George swiftly lifted her bag from the study table.

"Oh really, I am so convinced... Try explaining the one in your bag"

"Oh no you don't, hey stop, leave that bag.."

Too late, as George already retrieve the parcel.

"Haha, boyfriend's VIP treatment I suppose?"

"Hey, give that back will you! you irritating rascal! MUM!!"

"Ok, ok. You win. Take it, I was only joking... But I probably was right, seeing the way you react, hehe"

George left the room, leaving with a cheeky grin on his face...


And so, like a leaking sack of beans, Tiffany seek wise old mum for this kind of advice.

"Well dear, I'm pretty sure he is interested in you. Don't worry, this is part of life. IF he wants to try dating you, just give it a try, as long you're comfortable with it, and as long as you don't do silly things, nothing is wrong with it."

"Thanks mum, it sure helps a lot"

And back to her room Tiffany went. After showering, she quickly took out the gift from Shawn again. A quire object as gift, especially to a girl. It was a red tie, a tie that suit most men. But surely, for a girl, it does seem awkward.

Quickly, she plugged in the computer switch to the socket. She pressed the on/off button and the PC sprang into life. If there is one thing she has to proud of her brother, it would be computers. No single computer in her house was left untouched from the inside. George had upgraded all the CPUs in the house to the max with his own pocket-money, which he deem was well worth-it, even Tiffany's computer had a piece of her brothers mark in it.

And so, without using up even a minute, her messenger was already open and signed-in.

"Tiff, wat took u so long?"

"We, tot u were still dumbstruck XD"

It was Jo Ling and Lily as usual...

"Srry guys, had a lil talk with my mum."

"Rlly? anything she said?"

"Well, she say it's ok as long as I don go overboard"

"Tats nice... Btw, what Shawn gave u?"

"Believe it or not, he gave me a tie. A red tie."

"O rlly? That is so weird"

"Ya, way weird, is like he doesnt know how to pick a gift"

"I found it awkward at first. But I can't help but feel this Deja Vu"

"Rlly? You mean someone sent you red ties b4 o_O?"

"No, it's jus tat, this tie he gave me seems so familiar..."

"Why so?"

"I don't know, that's why I feel so mixed up right now..."

"Don't be, just relax, and take it as a coincidence. Why not add him now, and try asking if you need. Don't worry, he'll answer if he rlly is interested in you :P..."

"Ok ok... I take your advice, I'll go add him now"

And so, Tiffany clicked the "add contact" button on her messenger. "" she typed in.

(Shawnz has signed in messenger)

To be continued...

PS. Once again, comments please... I personally find it way too long to be a short story...

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