Friday, June 12, 2015

6MU013 - Graduation Portfolio Journal 1

Wednesday 11/6/2015
Site: Titiwangsa Sentral
Agenda: 1st discussion with Curry, Okay? core band members

Foreword: For my graduation portfolio, I will be producing an Extended Play (EP) for local band Curry, Okay? and will be writing down the ins and outs of the process from pre to post production


Began the discussion with core members Jo Wong, Sin Weng and Walter to define the roles they will be playing the production, mainly the individual job scopes they will be partaking in this project, namely song writing and arranging roles.

Moved on to create a tentative schedule for the duration of this 2 months on how to pace out the recording sessions. Decided to approach song writing in traditional jam session arrangements before finalising onto a sequenced demo before recording.

Wrapped up discussion with members sharing their ideas on what atmospheres and sound qualities they hope to go for by sharing their favourite tunes and/or albums that they wish to emulate or aspire to resonate with.

The challenge was to stay focused in discussion, in part due to my character failing to spearhead a discussion, ending up swaying towards any spontaneous non-related discussions. Note to self is to improve on focus and not let spontaneity take over. 

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