Friday, May 29, 2015

6MU017 "Career Prep" - Site work Day 3

Thursday 29/5/2015
Site: Studio 21:05
Supervisor: JD Wong
Working hours: 12pm - 7pm (7 hours)

Foreword: Session editing mayhem!


12pm - Reported to work, briefing on quantising drum audio on Cubase

12:30pm - Quantise drum audio for mix session(Metal Song)

6pm - Consultation with supervisor on the state of the current music industry

7pm - Dismiss


Finally began working on mixing-related editing work, spending the good majority of the day editing drums on a metal band recording session. Given that the drums aren't as tight as desired, my supervisor wanted me to tidy up the drum tracks while he went on to run errands throughout.

By the time he came back, I was only halfway done, which goes to show the scope of the job, not easy at all despite my best efforts towards efficiency.

Ended the day with my supervisor giving me some insights on the current market for music and his past experience, before leaving for the day.

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