Friday, May 22, 2015

6MU017 "Career Prep" - Site work Day 1

Thursday 21/5/2015
Site: Studio 21:05
Supervisor: JD Wong
Working hours: 1pm - 6pm (5 hours)

Foreword: Apart from class related paper work, I will also be documenting my daily (or at least almost daily) experiences on-site during my interning period.


1pm - Reported to work

2pm - Studio signal chain briefing

3pm - Observation on vocal tracking session, artist is local talent, Yubi.

6pm - Dismiss.


As briefed by JD prior to starting out my work in the studio, I will be spending the bulk of my 1st week just observing.

Signal chain in the studio was quite a stunner, apparently (although not surprisingly) my college's signal chain is quite vastly different from the one JD has set-up for his studio, as his is quite specific towards his work flow habits.

Spent remaining time observing Cubase work flow, which is a new DAW for me.

Work soon ended after vocal tracking, last minute cancellation of tonight's session meant I could leave early. Was advised by JD to try out Cubase trial version when I can before dismissing me for the day.

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