Wednesday, June 17, 2015

6MU017 "Career Prep" - Site work Day 4

Tuesday 16/6/2015
Site: Studio 21:05
Supervisor: JD Wong
Working hours: 1pm - 12am (11 hours)

Foreword: First try on working hands on as a recording engineer during a session.


1pm - Reported to work, jumped straight into mixing prep work.

4pm - Assist drum recording session for local artist "Dafi"

7pm -Assist bass recording session for local artist "Dafi"

12am - Dismiss


First time working the full shift after approximately 2 weeks of hiatus (Due to supervisor being abroad). Was rather taxing on my studio knowledge and versatility, being asked by my supervisor to helm the session today without much prep prior to today, considering also the fact that I am still relatively new to the Cubase 8 DAW, meant that I had a rather interesting day having need to learn on the fly and also consult my supervisor several times (much to my embarrassment) halfway during recording.

But today I also realise an important part of the studio recording process between engineer, producer and sessionist. Communication, positive communication, is greatly needed, and considering that my supervisor's major client base is Malay, placed me in a spot where I get often tongue tied.

All in all, today I begin to understand the subtle nuances that makes or breaks a good engineer.

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