Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bringing back military into the band?

Well if some of you noticed, I'm very obviously starting to use National Service training techniques in the band...

I personally don't intend to glorify or flaunt my NS experience but because I honestly believe that in a way some of their training techniques are effective, thus my want to try it out on the band.

Well if you think it is not suitable, hear my points 1st...

This IS after all a military band, its roots stem from the army system of bringing up disciplined members. Going through NS sort of knocked in some knowledge of how real military trains. In a way it relates to our current command system, footwork and all. Thus I'm just sort of trying to go back to roots, it is after all tradition?

I know maybe you'll not get used to more shouting from me, but well, see if I can work a little to get you all to be serious in line like we used to in the past... Main concern are the younger group...

SO yeah, do support, I'm not angry or trying to be angry, I just want a little shocker and lots of co-operation.

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