Sunday, March 28, 2010

Want not insanity?

In the mind of the mindless and insane, what is the one emotion that can exist? Happiness.

Is it because of their ignorance that they can be pure of heart? And by being pure of heart can they be happy? I dare say yes. But want not I, insanity? Maybe, but at a price.

Looking towards deeper insights of our thinking makes us realise that even fools are better off that way than us ourselves, as we proclaim, knowledgeable and alert. But is it really so?

We are fools in reality if we are compared to what it really takes to be truly knowledgeable. We are merely but jesters and clowns in this world, yet we still raise our head high as if we were great and mighty, which is truly an act of foolishness.

So succumb to the truth, be humble, and just accept that to have a clear mind makes you responsible to learn more.

1 comment:

  1. Even the earth are just a piece of sand in the universe. Even knowledge by now still cannot understand half of the planet we live. So, there are no such things as "learn enough", and there are no reasons for one to be arrogant.