Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Last time this time.

I'm tired, I'm used, I'm that much. This is all, this is all, nothing more or less. But I seek this thing of the pass, of story which I will tell:

Things can happen just like that. They come so briefly in your life, but you can remember it for ages. This was what I felt in 2008. Need I say more? I think no. Most people will know.

But not mere experiances that we took with us, it was the bond that follow. Enemies were made brothers, the lion at peace with the lamb.

And we sought to re-create it last year. Yes, last year we still pushed forward nevertheless. And for me, it was a personal achievement, and I don't care if some tell it was a loss.

But since this year, it has been a non-stop turbulance ever since. I want not this! If I want my full effort to work, I need a full target in view. If not, just let there be rest, and Ican concentrate in further undertakings.

If so ends this story yet written? I will definitely want to conclude my destination into one worth a greater thing to remember. Be it epic, be it tragic, we will watch.

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