Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fighting a losing battle.

I'm battling an obstacle everyone faces, but this obstacle takes in the incarnation. Lest I have it too.

Too me now, the biggest challenge is to keep focus in the right things. My focus now is totally out of tune. I'm concentrating too much in band aspects. My studies? Neglected.

I wish not be it this way, I am going to change my lifestyle!

From now own, I will keep by this routine: Tuesday and Thursday strictly is reserved for intense studying, no computers.

I keep my focus in all the sciences, pay extra attention to detail for Malay. I will not stick my proud head away from Sejarah this year. The only subject I intend to ignore is Moral. No one needs it.

I will go forth! And go forth with Valour.


  1. I see. I used 1 day to master the moral subject haha.

  2. So do you mean that the obtacles was a satan?