Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good day.

It is indeed a good day today. Many things happened in my favour.

So to begin with, I may say that Sivik test wasn't that blissful as I thought. But once that was done, Chemistry test papers were back!@# Soon, so soon, it got into my nerves. I received my paper, and the rest was a black hole.... I GOT 26 over 30!!! Broke my record. YES!!! But I don't mean to brag, so I just guess I'll say I am grateful.

And barely enough time for me to take down that information, then comes this: I was asked to help out in photo-taking. What? School photo-sessions are today? I get to ponteng with a pass? Of course I'm willing to come!

And after that, it's Physics paper... But first, let me tell you the story of my Physics: It began last year during the 1st monthly test of Physics, where I got 22/30. So I told myself, work hard, get an A for the next monthly test. I did, my homework, tried hard not to sleep in class, did revisions, so on... During 2nd monthly test, I got 22/30! A bit disappointed you may say I am... But I told myself the same thing, that next round, I'll get a higher score. Guess what? I got 22 Physics again! Oh well, at least I didn't drop standard XD.

So I suppose tomorrow's gonna be another tale, so good day I say!


  1. Yaya, sivik is harder than most of the subjects this monthly test;

    Chemistry got 26/30 is quite a good marks. Congratulation (Or be proud of your hardworking);

    Are you seni photo members?

    Physics got 22/30 is still okay. And, Mr. Siah told me that if you didn't score good marks in monthly test, it just told that you are not very impressing at that particular topic;

    I know that tomorrow will take more photos.

  2. Yeah, thanks... And yes, I am a seni-photo member.

  3. wow...great results..
    better then mine..
    this is my worst monthly test ever...TT
    wanna bury my exam papers and let them rot==...booohooo..

  4. I got 22 in Chinese! :)

    You like classical things? The name Etudes of Life makes me think of Chopin.

  5. Classical yes, but to be specific, more of movie soundtracks that I enjoy.