Wednesday, March 17, 2010

That imperfect picture.

2nd I.D.I.O.T. of 2010 season starts, and my 1st blog about the traning session without mentioning of it in the title. Many things became clear during this week, the decision to go with a full thematic show being the most uplifting.

But all this comes with a price. There's that imperfect picture. Why? We just can't seem be as complete as we want to be because our skills do not permit. But well? Time will tell.

As for the show, in my opinion, it's pretty solid already. But, seriously, just lacking one element to make it complete, you know, that cherry on the top thing.

As for my physical health? "I'M DYING!!!". No, just joking, but my body definitely feels pain, pain to the bone.

Academic studies? What the heck! I usually don't include this aspect in any of my band blog updates... But what choice do I have? It's SPM year man. All I can say is, not enough time for everything.

And so, my wish is this, simple and true: We go back to the field this year with our uniform of white, red and black, and show that we can achieve a solid status with a full thematic show. And more importantly after that is done, is to live long enough to remember this and tell my grandchildren (Not too sure whether I'll have any XD).

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