Saturday, October 24, 2009

A sigh a regret.

What is that promise I made to myself the start of this year? Have I failed myself?

I told myself: Study hard, aim for the better of your studies. You have slither your way past too many risky bets on your results. 3 years of play is enough. Study... Study...

I stand now, at the brink of the year. End of 2009 is coming. I've broken too many promises. I failed to achieve too many targets this year. I do not want to fail another.

I want my will to study...




  1. YA.... you it is a person that have deep thoughts with light action. XD

    many people says that 失败是成功之母. haha

    you are a christian right ?
    pray and seak god for help lo~~
    but remember, do not pray for ridiculous helps.

    no one will know if you pray, only god will know.

    peace!! XD

  2. Yeah, good luck in exam... And thanks for the advice.