Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Crazy biology report conclusion.

Subject: Endangered Ecosystem
The Earth as we know it today is constantly under threat from Mr. Rajesh and his evil plan to take control over the world and maybe even the Star Wars Universe! With his nuclear weapons and technologies in his Iraq base, he intends to intoxicate all remaining clean water sources, forcing all humanity to submit into his evil Tinge brand drinking water product. Only the heroic Ngoo Jia Xun with his 3Rs power can defeat the evil Mr. Rajesh. Humanity's only hope is to locate him in the Ice Crown Glacier in one of Hawaii's volcanic region and to defrost him to revive him. But George W. Bush has sided with Mr. Rajesh and with his environmentally unfriendly political policies with Afghanistan, he will use the United States war machine and McDonalds' burger invasion strategy to corrupt all our rain forest, further forcing us to submit into his Hong Leong furniture brand. But US President Barrack Obama has sworn to find the ancient hero, stating: 'Apart from killing a fly and calling Kanye West a jackass, I myself am a environmentalist. And in saying so, I say, Change We Must! I will do my best to find this hero and ask him to endorse in my political campaign before asking him to save the Earth.' And so, the G-Force expedition team consisting of Guinea Pigs departed from hawaii to go on a tour in San Francisco, visit the Statue of Liberty, pay tribute to the 9-11 heroes in New York, pay a visit to Her Majesty the Queen of England, climb the Eiffel in Paris, take pictures in front of St. Basil's Church in Moscow, Russia, walk the Great Wall of China before landing back in Hawaii to find the mythical hero. When they arrive, they met up with Robinson Crusoe, who was enjoying some chicken drumsticks. But after futher inquiry, they found out that it wasn't chicken, it was Friday. Nevertheless, Robinson offered to lead the G-Force team to the sacred ice-berg. Floating above the lava on the valcano , the G-Force team quickly called reinforcement from their backup team 'GI.Joe' to help break the ice. The legendary hero blasted in the sky and shouted his catchphrase "Ma-Mo-Lik!!!" and flew to the Great Wall of China, took pictures at St. Basil's Church, Moscow, Russia, visit Her Majesty the Queen of England, Climb the Eiffel Tower, pay tribute to the 9-11 heroes, visit the Statue of Liberty before finally reaching the White House. After several photo sessions with Obama, they went on to war with Mr. Rajesh. But Mr. Rajesh unleashed his army of Decepticon army of Transformers upon them. When all hope was lost, Optimus Prime appeared out of nowhere and joined Barrack Obama. Nerds working for Obama went to unleash a wave of DotA heroes such as Troll Warlord and Invoker upon Mr. Rajesh's army. Even Robinson joined the fight, swinging Friday's bone at anybody he sees. at the climax of the battle, the nerd team activated the -WTF mode and all DotA heroes' skills and buffs have no cooldown! They pushed the Rajesh army to the last line until Ngoo Jia Xun could give the fatal blow on Mr. Rajesh's head. in the end, Mr. Rajesh revert back to his teaching duties and the world is saved. The hypothesis is accepted.

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