Thursday, October 22, 2009

End of the World isn't far.

What does this image remind you of? Recycle... Did you recycle? Yes. What for? Because of?

Yes, this few days, I've been studying too much Biology chapter 9. Each sentence I read, I get more depressed by the facts and figures. In addition, after viewing Liying's blog, I was further motivated to write this post.

We can say all we like, and do all we must to stop torturing the Earth right? But bear in mind, the day the Earth will burn shall come soon. In this condition, the damage done to our Earth is nearly irreversible.

Those smart-asses of a government will NEVER, I say NEVER do a proper planning on future developments, Malaysia that is...

Recently, there is a report on the polar ice caps of the world, where Scientist have made a prediction that they will fully melt away and disappear from our Earth in as short as 20 YEARS!!!

This the condition of the ozone layer. It never got better since 1981. And I don't see any reason why it won't continue. The major contributor to the breaking down of the Ozone layer is due to CFC. Although nowadays, most air-conditioners and refrigerators do not use the gas anymore, many can products do. How does CFC break down the ozone layer?

Ozone gasses are actually a formation of a 3 oxygen molecule structure. The normal oxygen in the air is a 2 molecular structure, O2. By the chemical reactions as shown above, the O3 is broken down into O2 and a ClO molecules. Thus, the thinning of the ozone layer occurs.

Apart from that, we are microwaving ourselves with our super smart industries, who are emitting greenhouse gasses into the air. I am pretty sure many of you are familiar about the greenhouse effect. So far, we are unable to reduce the emission of it. Instead, greenhouse gasses are increasing steadily over, causing major climate changes. The most obvious change is the melting of the polar ice caps. In turn, the melted ice releases Methane gas, another greenhouse gas. The extra water that was resulted by the meltdown causes flash floods to occur in the lower landed countries. By 20 years time, if the Scientist's predictions are true, Malaysia may not exist anymore.
Lastly, here's the thought provoker: It is interesting to note many activists uses the message of "Save the Earth" as a way to spread the awareness. True, it is really serious, and we need to educate the public about it. BUT, I would like to put emphasis on the fact, that the Earth doesn't need saving. The Earth went through many punishments, surviving catastrophic meteor collision, surviving the freeze over of the Ice Age, surviving the many earth quakes and natural disasters to befall on it... What can we learn? The Earth still survived. All this occurrence is 10 fold of what we are doing now. So what am I trying to prove? This: after all this punishments the Earth went through, it is the things that live on it that suffer the most. Yes, I mean that we are not killing the Earth, but we are killing our species. Evolution will always be the key to live on Earth. It is only the species that cannot stand change and move on to evolve that will lose out in the evolutionary race. Being the pampered and sensitive lot we are, how long can we survive? That is the question.


  1. Apocalypse was never simple...

  2. lolx zong xu.....
    since you analyze a lot about it, why don't you study very very hard on three of the science subject and going to the advance then be on of the prof scientists.

    then maybe you will understand more about what is going on to the earth and the history.

    peace~~ XD