Saturday, May 2, 2009

Slur warm up and space chord progression

This is a video of the Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corps doing their warm up. In this Video: Slur Exercise, unknown chord exercise (supposedly from the movie "Close encounter with the Third Kind" in the scene where the alien signals can be heard), then the final Chord Progression (space chords). I want to share this video because many of our brass and wind players are not familiar of the space chord concept. So after seeing this video, I hope you all can get the Idea of the Chord Progression warm up.

On other subjects,

The Colour Guards are going to dance in our 3rd movement, but, can they handle the "sexiness" of the dance?... haha, Let's just hope they can, Jazz man, they gotta feel the beat. And for the forth movement, they are going have those wing-flags... Wonder how it's going to look like...

Brass and Woodwinds are starting to get warmed-up with the new warm ups... Not clear how many warm ups are they playing, someone do tell me. But I think there 16 in total for them to select...

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