Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Post Mid-Term Exam Report.

It was a war, a war that every student had to face, "The War of the A's"... Exam season, went away just as quickly as it came.

Sitting here, writing this report with my sanity still in tack, I am one lucky guy...

The list, in order, of the examination papers (time excluded, dates only):
15/5 Friday - Physics.
19/5 Tuesday - Add. Maths, PJK, Sivik.
20/5 Wednesday - Chemistry, BC 2.
21/5 Thursday - General Maths, BM 1.
22/5 Friday - Sejarah, BI 1
25/5 Monday - BC 1, Biology.
26/5 Tuesday - BM 2, P. Moral
27/5 Wednesday - BI 2

Physics, ok la, get the idea good enough.
Add. Maths, won't die, but not good.
PJK, no comment.
Sivik, who needs sivik??
Chemistry, no idea what I was doing.
BC 2, can go die already.
General Maths, was pretty easy.
BM 1, so lousy...
Sejarah, also can go die.
BI 1, zai zai lai la...
Biology, Also ok ok, not very sure in some part...
BM 2, not very good.
P. Moral, simply write the essay...
BI 2, wtf this standard? Child's play, not even primary 6 standard(Singapore syllabus la...) Sub sub water...

That's it, the end of mid-term exam... Finally can start jamming at band. Competition dates are also out, 24/6 is district, 3/7 is State, AMC and PGS not joining...

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