Monday, April 4, 2011

Of the Soul.

When discussing about the matter of the afterlife, different people give different response. Forming perceptions on death is a staggering topic often tabooed and shun upon by many. Some of the mildly religious will scorn and frown upon its mention, while holy men beat their chest with confidence where they are going.

With the current society we live in today where freedom of choice and expression reign, mankind has given up on the significance of religion. With hectic schedules and multiple deadlines to meet every second, the last thing on an average man's mind would be death. This phenomenon comes from the notion that there is nothing too consequential in the life after death. On the basis of science, theories of our origin based on scientific method have stand up and contradicted every living religion there is today. In the past the only hints available to men are the holy books, of origin we all debate until today.

Why then, with the basis of science to disprove the very root of religion, that many still fight till death to stay in their beliefs? With the theory of evolution shaking the very foundations of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the 3 largest religions in the world, Why man commit their trust unto seemingly untrue beliefs?

By a strand of faith. A weak argument yes, an unexplainable feeling. It's not insanity, it's not dumbness, nor is it gullibility. But come when you understand that soul of yours, it'll make you want to grow closer to that religion, and stay faithful. Why? I can't answer.

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