Saturday, April 2, 2011

Into April this year.

Okay, this post will basically be dedicated to my personal list of to-dos this month of April. But I found my previous list-out style of to-dos rather uninteresting after going back at them few days ago, so I'll do it by paragraphs this time around.

As my personal tradition goes, April is suppose to be the month I go be bald again. But this time, I'm already bald, so I don't have to trim. XD

And for 2008 and 2009, it is the English Drama period. This year, it is my wish to go and watch my school team try and grab the title once again. Sri Tan and Benjamin are participating, with trumpeting as part of it, should be interesting. Ms Lim will be using her initial 2010 script of Cinderella with a twist, probably her most elaborate work yet. Too bad I couldn't act it since 2010 canceled the drama competition, I got the lead role... -_- Well, all the best to them.

I also intend to finish two thirds of my driving lessons by the end of the month, given the time here I have.

I also intend to record 2 out of the 3 audition videos I need for signing up in ICOM... I'll be focusing on set-drumming, 3 songs in my mind. YMCA, Goodbye My Love and maybe Malaguena.

Yup, the things that need doing for the month of April.

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