Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Watching the sun rise.

It's not the prettiest sunrise I've seen in my life, but it's definitely my 1st time seeing the brightening of the day in KL as far as I can recall; I practically didn't sleep for a night. So how did a dinner lead to this chit chat marathon?

We had dinner at Uncle Jang's, a Korean diner specialising on Dak Galbi, a spicy chicken noodle dish. Consider it a 2nd post-concert celebration for the HELP concert along as a farewell dinner for the keyboardist from Sarawak, our dear friend Ricky.

Now Ricky is from Miri, and when we 1st met, I found to my delight he was actually a tubist from Chung Hwa Marching Band, a fellow marcher :D. Since then we went along well, since we had a similar background and something in common to chat.

Sadly he had to leave here after completing his foundation, since he has a family business waiting for him, and he's staying put in Sarawak after this. So after the dinner, me and him and a few others chose to find a spot and just chat the night away, it was nice. He turns out to be a very interesting guy, full of stories. Consider it heart to heart, I can feel the sense of warmth in the night. This is the first time I stayed awake past 3am without feeling one bit sleepy.

I'm gonna miss that guy.

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