Wednesday, June 26, 2013


So last weekend I made a trip to Kampar in Perak. Since my friends can't come visit me, I'll go pay them a visit instead, haha.

Departing from KL Sentral, it was my 1st time on the ETS, the local version of a "bullet train", because it is "very fast". But to be fair, the train was on time, so it's still good.

Kampar, a town not too far off from Sitiawan, became the bustling town it is today ever since UTAR existed. You can definitely smell teen spirit here, the newer side of town is a college oriented town.

How so you may ask. Well here's one way to elaborate:

Once my friends came to pick me up and we ventured down town, I begin to notice a lot of the stores around cater for what's trending among our generation, specifically the Chinese group. Also, you go to what seems to be rows and rows of terrace houses, only to find out that once you've entered, it really looks more like condominiums from the inside.

So Friday evening, I reached to my destination, a 3-storey house within this grandly named area, Imperial. Went out to have dinner soon enough after checking into Jia Xun's little crib. So pasta for the 1st night, but what I enjoy is catching up with the bunch, this old gang of the 5 of us ex-classmates. As always, it felt like it was eternity the last time we met.

Saturday was the attraction, we went to Gua Tempurung, only about 10 minutes drive away from where we are. We departed in the morning and began our hike at around 10am. The hike took us through the enigmatic cave, that for the most part of my life I've only heard and never have been, until now. The climb upwards proof to be taxing on this unpractised body. But the fun part was when we had to travel back out through the streams within the cave. At some points we had to get down to all fours and let the water reach our necks. Quite the thrill given that all of us were badly equipped for the whole thing, having only 2 torch lights to share and all of us not even wearing shoes, haha. By the time we were done, it was already noon time. We headed out to Ipoh later to chill about and buy stuff. And the day passed so quickly, just when you begin to have fun.

Come Sunday morning and I had a invitation from Daniel whom I got to know from NS, and we met up for most of the morning for a chat and a follow-up. Easily a year and half since we met, so yeah, lots to say, yet to finish. Later in the afternoon we went to visit another friend across the street, Huey Pei. Although not that close back in high school, it's still nice to catch up with her. Unfortunately we took a little too long to chat, and I nearly missed the train back home, haha. Thankfully Shin Yun was a steady driver. Soon enough I was back home, and it all left me wanting more of it.

Reflecting on what just happened the past 2 days on the train back just made me realise how lonely sometimes I can be here in college, no one knows you like your own high school friends I guess. Also worth a mention is the food: it's good and CHEAP. In addition, the slow pacing of things there in Kampar relieved me of that constant pressure you get here in the Klang Valley. Once I arrived KL Sentral, I had the loneliest dinner in awhile... Not that I haven't had dinner by myself before, but it's just that, after days of having your heart so full and contented, only to have it removed so suddenly... Maybe you can call it a vacuum effect. I miss you guys in Kampar already...

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