Monday, June 3, 2013

Cherishing roots.

So what has come to be the past month? Basically exams and assessments spread out throughout the whole month. I had a generally good time for the most part of it, if you exclude of course my horribly-done ensemble class, no thanks of course to me for being unable to work under pressure. But if not, it has been really good.

Semester break started 2 days ago, and scumbag brain decided to be extremely inspired to practice when I have nowhere to practice. Watching Tommy Igoe's instructional DVD all over again brought new perspectives to grooving.

Nan Hwa won the recent national symphonic wind band competition. I just got to know Junt came back to help again; I thought our contact with him grew kind of stale. Quote him this time, 'Play with your heart'. I could use that reminder. I look back to where I came from, the military band, renown to be a very technique-based form of a musical ensemble. After turning to the contemporary side, sad to say I subconsciously forgotten my roots.

But then it really isn't that different now I realised. In the end, both suppose to come from the heart. I once again long for my band days...

Technique? I got obsessed with it ever since form 4. Maybe it's time to change perspective.

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