Wednesday, October 31, 2012

If you noticed this pattern.

How many people still read my blog? I can't tell, since no one comments these days. But if you do, then  hi, hope you've been well.

I have a bit of trouble sleeping tonight. it's 12 midnight, and I still harbour thoughts from this afternoon's exam. I was quite badly reprimanded this afternoon by one of my lecturers for failing to practicing enough for this round of the exams. Indeed hip-hop and samba weren't my forte, but the words did cut deep.

I also noticed something. I haven't blog up until recently... And this may very well be a sign that my relationship is stumbling. The time I had a writing hiatus was also when I was fresh into the relationship. I see now, she also stopped blogging around the same time...

But did you noticed the pattern recently? We both got back to writing. Of course it may be purely coincidental. Yet I ponder this, it might be that we're drifting apart.

I guess I've gotten carried away with my studies...

But that excuse is one that most people won't question...

Except maybe her.

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