Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Fading flame.

The charm of this coastal town still lingers, it does refresh my thought, it pampers my mind so much. Sitiawan, still that mild scent of the sea, the awkward combination of the new and the old. I love it, I really do...

But old charms fade, flames burn out sooner or later, should there be no fuel... Sadly, the fuel here isn't around when I am. Maybe I picked the wrong week to be back... The band is still off to Thailand, 2 days more before they come back. Most of my ex-classmates are in Kampar facing their assignments and course-work. Reality slapped me hard, and I came to realise that this place is just a pale shade of white in this illusive colourless portrait, without the colours of friends and companions to spend time with.

Of course, I won't be feeling left-out once the band is back, and seniors and juniors alike come and gather, even Rachel would be back by then.

But the truth is, this won't be forever. Friends will move away soon, and drift apart sadly... As much I was in denial in the past, I have to face this truth. The charm of Sitiawan is truly in the friends that I have, and they will bring the charm to wherever they go...

Despite it all though, Sitiawan will still be cozy to me, my stay here is still so relaxed, because of this old flavour, this richness; it won't fade away, so long as it ages, just like wine, it matures and becomes more fragrant. I will still come back, as long as the old buildings stand, and when the food's good, I will always find time to be back here.

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