Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Education, work, driving.

So how things fall into place since coming back to Subang Jaya? Okay, I'm so free nowadays I rarely update my blog any more... But I'm back, after a week.

Of the progress on my decision for my further education, I've applied, and official accepted into ICOM, pursuing my much wanted prospective career in music with a music degree. Class starts on the 4th July, that leaves me 2 week of free time...

Until I got offered a part-time job~ Tun Huang Music School, huhuhuhuhu, my cup of tea indeed. free-lance, helping the boss run around and do petty stuff, teach a little. This school is Chinese-based, so it's er-hu and la-pa and pi-li-pa-la I'm facing... =_= Dunno if I can actually blend in with my western-influence...

2 weeks full time, and probably weekend part-times when I start school... How nice. Least my hands won't grow hard.

And that bring us to the driving... In Subang Jaya... I simply myself. I got a headache just driving one round to fetch my sister... Blood rush to the head... Stress... AHHHHH

So well, things to become, or to come... No idea... Head too pain to think at the moment.

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