Monday, July 19, 2010

NATCOMP 2010, the story ends.

The Prince of Egypt is really a very significant achievement for me personally. I feel honoured to be part of the planning of this show. So you can understand my feelings when we finally get to show our theme in the NATCOMP 2010, that sense of achievement.

14th of July, we headed to Shah Alam, our final battlefield. Details of our performance? Watch the videos. I'm more keen on sharing the hotel moments, seriously XD.

Going as a form 5 this year, I got a few juniors under me in the room (Except Jenson, who is my senior). No serious alubuh-ing this time, except for one (we all know who is it). After checking in one of the best hotels NHMB has ever stayed before, "Prescott Hotel", we went shopping at Jusco, manage bond with the younger members, such a nice feeling.

Then that night, me, Ben, Edwil, Diwen and Jenson chatted till 3am... But seriously, we talked about band stuff, its future, past, customs, everything. Got to know Diwen a lot better that night. And thinking back about the past, I really can't help but to feel a sense of achievement...
Remember 2 years back I'm still complaining your wrong footsteps with cymbal, now you can play a lot of hard stuffs like double roll or flam in tenor, march in the whole show without even a step wrong, you grown a lot in these 2 years. - Ah Boon

And so, 15th of July, "The Prince of Egypt” was ready to take the floor for competition. After some final words of encouragement from the staffs, we held our head high while marching into the stadium preparing to put up a show worth the blood and sweat we sacrificed for. 3 months of planning, 7 months of training, RM30,000 worth of investment, gone as fast as it came, that spur of 10 minutes worth was gone, but not before being immortalized by us into sweet memories. It was an overwhelming moment of achievement, and the rest that happened after that was history.

Indeed, as I said, I did my best, we did our best. 5 years of laughing, crying, breaking down and rising up with the band will always remain in my head. There can be miracles, when you believe. Indeed, the miracle happened, not in the results nor in the show, but in the process. The band polished me as a person to shine, and I look forward to the day where I can be one of the polishers to make Nan Hwa Band shine once more.

-Thanks for all the cooperation, you guys did great. Greatest senior batch in my 5 years of teaching! -Ah Boon

Form 5, it was a great journey with you all, and I'm looking forward to life-long friendship with all of you.

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