Saturday, July 10, 2010

5 things, 5 days 2010.

A continuation from last year's post, at this very moment I too have 5 things I want to achieve in this short span of 5 days, which is before the National Band Competition 2010.

1) I want to be able to mark-time whenever we play standstill without ending up marking on the wrong foot.

2) I want to do the warm-ups as if they were child's play, I do not want to make any mistakes during the warm-up songs by the time of competition.

3) I want to make sure that I will march with proper footwork, not by the competition, but from today onwards.

4) I want to march through the drill without a single mistake, especially static.

5) I want to rock the Stadium Melwati, Shah Alam to its very foundation, but this can only be achieved by teamwork, and so I want to dream that we can achieve it, the full form of ENERGY~SPIRIT~TEAMWORK!!!

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