Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4SA controversy 7-4-2009 8:10am

Before starting, I would like to say thank-you very much to Jia Xun for willingly helping me retrieve my pencil case for me just now despite being half way reaching home, I owe you big time bro, and will come back to you tomorrow and help you with your tunic 4 duties.

Back on the subject, reporting at 8:10am today (7-4-2009), Class 4SA.

7:40am, we skipped P.E., because teacher wasn't present... again.... So we(as in the boys) came back to class, some of them go to the next class to party..... Me, Jia 9, Ah Leong and 2 other guys stayed in our class, doing homework.

7:55am, two girls, A and B (names changed to protect privacy) came in, supposely poteng their own P.E. class, took their seats at the conner of the classroom, next to the back door. The backdoor was closed

8:10am, it happened, we saw a few guys outside class, as if looking for someone. One took a peak into our class.... BOOM.... he pounce onto A, started to pull her violently, shaking, cursing.... whatever.... and demanded that she came with him now. Then she say "wait, I make a phone call".... -_-" (this kind of people come looking for you, you still want to make a phone call??).... The he go snatch the phone away from her, and smash it to ground, than he shouted "never mind, I got lot of money, I buy for you later... NOW COME WITH ME!!"..... A say "Wait, I go get my things" -_-""""......... Guy says "wai** I count 3 if you still don't come I gonna slap you!! You so evil until like that!".... Then finally after she packed finish, she got dragged away into a car.......

8:15am.. we 5 boy's faces look like that > (O__O).... We dunno what to do..... If we get involved than our life will be in danger......

So that's it.... I hope samseng don't read blog.....

Side note: Eh, Steph, you want your sweet or not.... I no chance to give you... now I eat habis liao loh....


  1. wah...nowadays's samseng ar....know speak english wor...

  2. Oh dear... I should've make it more complicated..... But they don't know who I am.... And I didn't mention who are they.. I never say anything bad about... I just make a report... so they can't blame me for witnessing them in action and puting it into a report...

  3. wadde...i say "tat samseng speking english?"

  4. I wan! I wan!
    Aiyo.. u always so late de.. wait u.. haiz..
    u ponteng give me lo..xD

  5. too late eh... I ate it liao

  6. i want sweet too~
    i tell huei su meh...